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Everyone should keep in reserve
an alternate plan for livelihood.

—John Marks Templeton
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A Housing Crash Will Soon Hit America: Find out Sir John Templeton's Advice and Prepare for the Coming Catastrophe
By Christopher Ruddy
NewsMax - Financial Intelligence Report

Greenspan, Templeton, Buffett, Volcker and others agree a housing crash could happen … Find out how to protect yourself and PROFIT from the coming crash …

A Special Message From Christopher Ruddy Publisher, Financial Intelligence Report

Dear Investor,

Recently, Sir John Templeton — the world’s most successful investor, billionaire philanthropist, and the man Money Magazine called the “greatest global stock picker of the century” — invited me to meet with him in The Bahamas where he lives. In our private meeting, he personally warned me that a U.S. real estate crash was imminent.

And he’s not alone.

Fed chairman Alan Greenspan has warned of real estate “froth.” Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker is warning that “a crisis is likely” in the U.S. economy.

Even America’s greatest stock investor Warren Buffett recently sold his California home and warned of dark clouds in the real estate market.

For over a year now, we at Financial Intelligence Report have been warning that soaring U.S. real estate prices were unsustainable and that a collapse could soon occur.

Now scores of major U.S. and international newspapers and magazines — including the New York Times, Fortune, and The Economist — are echoing those same sentiments on their page-one stories.

In fact, The Economist magazine bluntly declared that the current worldwide boom in residential real estate prices is “the biggest bubble in history.”

It is important to note that Templeton, Buffett, and Volcker all warned in the late 90s that the dot-com boom was dangerous and unsustainable.

Back then, none of the three were given much coverage in papers like the Wall Street Journal, nor did they get any significant airtime on channels like CNBC.

But their predictions turned out to be dead-on. And we fear they may be right again.

Is this the beginning of a major real estate crash? Have you taken steps to protect the value of your real estate and other investments?

My name is Christopher Ruddy. Last year,, the news company I head, launched a sister investment publication, Financial Intelligence Report.

You’ve probably heard of NewsMax — on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and thousands of other outlets. We publish the news the media giants are afraid to report.

NewsMax also has a distinguished global intelligence network to draw upon — including advisors like renowned journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave, former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, former Forbes publisher Jeff Cunningham, best-selling author James Dale Davidson, and Lord William Rees–Mogg — among many others.

Sir John Templeton’s Predictions

Will the housing market crash trigger a major stock market crash? What about real estate, bonds, and foreign investments?

Financial Intelligence Report has the full details in its special edition with Sir John Templeton.

In this report, Sir John Templeton also gave me a single stock recommendation — he said it was the best stock in the world to buy. Since that recommendation, this stock has risen 50% in value as the stock market sank!

Clearly, you need to know what Sir John Templeton thinks.

He’s made a fortune in recent years by predicting both the dot-com crash and the collapse of the U.S. dollar.

In this Financial Intelligence Report with Sir John Templeton, you’ll also find out:

  • Why U.S. housing prices could crash 50% in the near future.
  • One type of real estate that should beat the trend.
  • How Templeton made hundreds of millions of dollars through international investing.
  • Which Chinese fund Templeton likes so much that he invested $100 million of his own money!
  • The best stock bargain in the world, selling at just 5 times earnings!
  • What dynamic Asian country has immense growth opportunities — and it’s much less risky to invest in than China.
  • The debilitating effect of debt on the U.S. economy and stock markets.
  • Templeton’s four favorite foreign currencies (three are in Asia).
  • Why gold may currently be overpriced.
  • What crucial mistake Warren Buffett is making with his investments (Are you making the same error?)
  • And much, much more.
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