Though Step 9 of The Templeton Plan is called“Utilizing Two Principles of Success” it could perhaps more accurately be called “Utilizing Three Principles of Success” because it links perseverance with another quality that was important to Templeton: orderliness.

Perseverance in all your daily activities leads to the formation of an orderly mind instead of one that is full of loose ends. It leads to a mind that is purposeful and capable of planning ahead. It leads ultimately to success in life, because the habit of sticking to a given task, having now taken an interior form, helps you to convey facts more accurately and quickly.

If your thoughts are organized, you can explain more clearly to a customer the advantage of purchasing a particular stock. If you have an orderly mind, you can marshal your facts, present them with forceful logic, and persuade your client that one market position is superior to another…

…Persevering people will teach themselves to speak with economy, because they are the kind of people who persist at a given task and try to accomplish it with a minimum of waste. What we take a hundred words to say often may be said in ten well-chosen words. Practice paring down your speech. You will find that you are presenting your ideas more logically and that the information you convey is more accurate. You will be surprised, and pleased, at how attentively people listen to you when your delivery is crisp and to the point.