We continue posting excerpts from William Green’s January 1999 article in Money magazine on John Templeton. In the article, Green discusses the traits that made Templeton a successful investor. In addition to Templeton’s willingness to strike out on his own when picking investments and his thrifty mentality, he was very punctual and efficient:

Templeton has similarly quirky notions about time. “John won’t engage in small talk,” says John Galbraith, who marketed Templeton’s funds. “The minute you’re through with your common business, he’s onto something else.”

He’s beyond punctual. His friend Gary Moore recalls: “The first time I met John, he said, ‘Be here at 4:02. I’ve got another appointment at 4:13.'” His determination to use every minute productively gave him a major edge in researching stocks. Most investors, he says, “don’t really understand what it is they’re buying. You have to be very industrious and very persevering so that your information will be better than that of other people.”