Today, we’ll wrap up our look at Templeton’s memo on keeping a client happy with part four of this series.

10) Frequent mailing of reports and studies gives the client a better understanding of our work. This helps the client to learn how much research and thoughtful work in many fields is devoted to his financial welfare. This sort of memo is especially helpful to keep in touch with prospective clients.

11) We should explain much more often than we do just how much more the client owns in terms of earning power per dollar invested and real value per dollar invested than he had when he came with us. When recommending switching from one stock to another we should often give a tabulation of five or six reasons with figures showing just how the stock purchased is better than the stock sold.


You may find it helpful to keep this memorandum in your desk and about once a month check each of the eleven items above against the names on your fortnightly report which you have marked as not yet fully endoctrinated [sic].


December 24, 1953