It’s link roundup time! Templeton’s Financial Chaos memo seems to have gone somewhat viral — we get daily Google Alerts, letting us know that it keeps popping up around the blogosphere. You’ll find a sampling of what people are saying in some of the links below.

  • “Diversify risk, not assets” from Financial Standard
  • “Sir John Templeton: Financial Chaos and Investing” from The Huffington Post
  • “FINANCIAL CHAOS – Sir John Templeton, June 15, 2005” from MoneyTalks
  • “If a Business is Not Ethical, It Will Fail” from Greg Collier’s Blog
  • “‘Our currency isn’t undervalued,’ it is to laugh! But China has real fear.” from
  • “Memorials and the Templeton Plan” from A MOVE-ing Tale
  • “Sir John Templeton’s Last Testament: Financial Chaos Will Last Many Years” from Newsmax