As we explore the topic of morality and the markets in our spring blog contest, we will highlight John Templeton’s favorite “Laws of Life” as referenced in The Templeton Plan in our next few posts.

Giving is a law of life. Successful people give and give still more; their giving is returned to them in full measure. Watch the top people in business. They are the ones who give more than is expected of them. In return, they receive the rewards. They attract the customers. Their giving leads ultimately to success, both in worldly terms and spiritually.

Learning from others is a law of life. As a child, John Templeton used to observe his schoolmates as well as the adults with whom he came in contact. He watched the farmers in the country. He learned from each of them which things led to success, happiness, and productivity and which did not. He learned what to emulate as well as what to avoid. Most importantly, he learned to assimilate the wisdom of many lives. You can do the same. If you’re alert, it is possible to learn from each person you meet, to avoid mistakes, and to put new virtues into practice.

Joy is a law of life. John Templeton names as the most joyful group of people he has ever met the young women studying to be members of the society of Mother Teresa. He observed that their happiness had an almost visible glow, and it had nothing to do with self-indulgence. They were happy because of the opportunity to serve.