It’s been a while since we cruised around the blogosphere to see what people were saying about Sir John Templeton, so we’re due for another link roundup.

  • “The Future of the U.S. Dollar” from Global Crisis News
  • “Sir John Templeton Predicted Financial Chaos for Many Years” from Trump the Recession 
  • “Templeton Predicted ‘Financial Chaos’ Will Last Many Years” from Moneynews (of the two similarly named articles, this one probably offers a more thorough analysis)
  • “The Best Investment In Uncertain Times” from Rational Spirit
  • “Interview With James Montier – The Little Book of Behavioral Investing – How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy” (Part 2) from GuruFocus (has a good tidbit on Sir John’s take on self-control)
  • “Tuesday March 8, 2010 Update” from Daily Market Update
  • “Five Step Formula For Financial Success” from Ezine Articles
  • “Famous Quotes in Stock Market” from Bell the Bull
  • “A Short Investment Journey” from Retirement Investment (an interesting extended metaphor)