In the last few months, we have posted excerpts from Sir John Templeton’s speech, “The Religious Foundation of Liberty and Enterprise,” which he delivered to Buena Vista College in 1993. This speech outlined five economic vices (envy, greed, pride, intolerance, moral relativism) and five economic virtues (cooperation, creativity, charity, adaptability, and integrity).

To continue our conversation on these economic virtues and vices, we are sponsoring a blog contest challenging those who maintain personal or professional blogs to answer the following question for a chance to win $500:

Taking this lecture into account, which vice, as described by Templeton, is most responsible for the recent economic downturn? Which of his five virtues is the most important to the economy’s rebound?

Contest entries must be submitted to this site by April 15, 2010. Click here to read more about the contest guidelines.