Continuing our January theme of John Templeton’s relationship with thrift, we have more today from step 12 of The Templeton Plan.  As this week (January 17 through 23) marks Thrift Week, here are some tips for getting your finances in order. If these writings resonate with you be sure to join our campaign to Bring Back National Thrift Week, either by visiting the official website or by becoming a fan on Facebook.

The practice of conserving your resources to best advantage is a key to the successful and happy life. Answering the following yes-or-no questions should provide you with a clue to your present financial health:

1.  Do you save something of every paycheck?

2.  Do you make a budget?

3.  Do you live within your budget?

4.  Are you investing wisely by buying assets that protect you against inflation?

5.  Do you search for bargains in small items, such as toothpaste and soap, as well as big ones like furniture and automobiles?

6.  Do you weigh each purchase carefully rather than buy on impulse?