Today we’ll continue exploring Sir John’s thoughts on spirituality and business with another excerpt from his speech at Buena Vista College entitled “The Religious Foundation of Liberty and Enterprise.”

Most people agree today that society has lost much of its spiritual moorings. We no longer have enough collective sense of our responsibilities to each other. Not surprisingly, such problems are reflected in the behavior of consumers, businessmen, policy makers, and the economy at large.

What then are the vices and virtues of our modern economy, as judged by the standards set for us by religious faiths? There are many valid opinions on this vital subject.

I would like to present five of the most conspicuous economic vices and virtues, and I’ll begin with the vices. When these vices proliferate in private life, and are institutionalized in society, the can cause social disarray. Until they are addressed, no amount of technical changes are going to help as much.

Future posts here on WWJTS? will reveal the five economic vices and also the virtues. In the meantime, let’s have a little contest: if anyone can name three of the five in the comment section, we’ll send you a free copy of the classic Templeton Plan. HINT: three of the economic vices are also grouped among the Seven Deadly Sins.