templeton-planTed Malloch, author of Being Generous (Templeton Press 2009) remarks on Sir John Templeton’s generous spirit and conviction to thanksgiving in everyday life. Templeton details his perspective on generosity in The Templeton Plan in Step 18: Giving as a Way of Life.

Sir John and Generosity

It should be remembered that Sir John’s favorite holiday among all others was Thanksgiving. He annually sent out cards and personalized letters reminding friends and colleagues how much they had to be ‘thankful for.’ And in so doing he also restated his deeply held spiritual view — that life begins in gratitude, runs through thrift, and ends in generosity.

In my own gradual transformation from “keeper” to “giver” I have come to see my purpose on earth, my relationship to others and to God, and to feel and see the real benefits of being generous. That generosity, as I have argued in the new Templeton Press book, published in 2009, Being Generous, restates Sir John’s premise that the virtue of generosity needs to be discovered and practiced as a universal moral urge.  In this age of rampant consumerism, fueled by unprecedented prosperity and a prevailing social climate that all too often exalts the self above the common good, we unashamedly need to urge others in a highly engaging and informed invitation to share in the joys of a lifetime characterized by intentional and generous giving.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is CEO of The Roosevelt Group, an advisor of the John TempletonFoundation, and author of the newly published inspirational book, Being Generous.