Today we continue our exploration of John Templeton’s twenty-one steps detailed in The Templeton Plan with more on Step 18: Giving as a Way of Life. In this post we examine what Templeton called “The Cycle of Giving.”

By investing in projects such as these [the text is referring here to the many projects sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation], Templeton magnifies the joy and sense of meaning he receives from earning profits on his investments. That sense of joy and accomplishment causes him to work even harder and more creatively to make more money so that a large share of that money can go for worthy causes.templeton-plan

The positive feeds on the positive. Giving leads to greater giving and becomes a way of life. Templeton gives and gains, and gives and gains even more. It is a cycle that continually feeds on itself in a positive way. And throughout this process, Templeton’s own sense of gratitude and spiritual accomplishment has grown as well.