templeton-planWe continue our exploration of John Templeton’s twenty-one steps detailed in The Templeton Plan by reviewing Step 7: Investing Yourself in Your Work. As the summer vacation season winds down and we all begin to refocus on putting in a good day’s work, Templeton’s advice about work and how to be successful may come in handy.

John Templeton believed in hard work and always maximizing one’s time. In The Templeton Plan, he describes ways to maximize time:

technologyThe successful person learns to avoid wasting precious moments. It is helpful to carry with you reading material that is necessary in your career. Then, when you have a few minutes between appointments or while riding on a bus or train, you can absorb a page or two, or an entire article. Thus you’ve used your time fruitfully.

Whenever possible, carry a tape recorder with you in your briefcase. You will find that you can jot down ideas and dictate letters, accomplishing something in what might otherwise be wasted time. Career success depends on such tactics. If you can learn to use all that time that would otherwise be wasted, you are learning the meaning of hard work.

Given Templeton’s desire to be efficient and hard-working, we began to ponder what he would have been accomplish given today’s technology. Would Templeton have used a BlackBerry or iPhone to maximize his time away from the office? Would he have considered Twitter or blogs  useful to success in the investing world?