roadIn 1937, John Templeton and a friend journeyed across the globe, traveling to twenty-seven countries in seven months and with only a combined two hundred English pounds.

As William Proctor narrates in The Templeton Touch, this experience gave Templeton a head start when he began his investment career when returning from the trip of a lifetime:

So when John finally arrived back in the States after a journey that took him through India, China and Japan, he had managed to learn the life-styles and attitudes of dozens of varieties of people and was ready to settle down and do some serious work in his chosen career. Also, he was a much wiser young man for his travel experiences–and he was something of an expert on how to live on ten shillings a day.

In particular, he had a better grasp of the grass-roots economists and practical political systems of a wide variety of countries around the world. The fascination he developed for social and business pursuits in other lands would stay with him throughout his career and have a major impact on his decision to search the world for investment bargains.

Also, John had a better idea now as to which risks in life were worth taking, and which were not. This was an extremely valuable lesson for a person who aspired to become an expert in the heady world of high-risk common-stock investments.