We continue our exploration of John Templeton’s twenty-one steps detailed in The Templeton Plan by reviewing Step 6: Finding the Positive with Every Negative. With the recession still holding strong, we will explore this step and provide some examples of why living a more optimistic life is beneficial.

Templeton describes four key points for finding the positive in every negative in The Templeton Plan:

To summarize Step 6, anything that can be formulated in positive terms will lead to harmony among people and productive change. Through practice, you can almost always find the positive in any situation.

Below are listed areas for further study:

1.  When you start to analyze the character of person B while talking to person A, stop yourself. Resist the impulse. It is gossip, and gossip is a negative force that leads away from success and happiness.

2.  Avoid comparisons. They have a way of making negatives out of positives.

3.  Be sure that your life is a seminar in living. You can achieve this by learning something new each day, no matter how small; by reaching out to others; by never passing up an opportunity for a new experience that will enlarge your knowledge; and by traveling as much as possible so that you can see new places and meet new people from different backgrounds.

4.  Read literature that inspires you. Inspiration is a core characteristic of the positive personality.