templeton-planTo better understand the financial wisdom of John Templeton, we are discussing some of his twenty-one steps detailed in The Templeton Plan and pairing them with financial news. We are currently discussing Step 14: Controlling Your Thoughts for Effective Action.

To relate the step, “Controlling Your Thoughts for Effective Action,” to today’s news, one only has to look so far as the restructuring auto industry.

In a new television ad, General Motors puts a positive spin on its bankruptcy filing, assuring all that we are witnessing the “rebirth of the American car,” not the demise of the American auto industry.


This advertisement relates to Templeton’s discussion of controlled thinking in business:

“Look at the result of controlled thinking in business,” . . .  “It’s very difficult to build a corporation if you’re incapable of directing your thoughts toward specific goals. You have to have an ordered mind to build any substantial organization, whether it’s a business or a church or a charity.”

Given GM’s approach in this new ad, is the company subscribing to the controlled thinking John Templeton discusses in The Templeton Plan?