templeton-planThere is no doubt that at this point everyone has been affected by our current recession in some way. Between a bear market, the housing crash, and rising unemployment numbers, the Great Recession—as some are calling it—has prompted all of us to change our personal outlook.

Just as John Templeton had the foresight to predict many aspects of this economic meltdown because of his keen instinct and financial wisdom, he also provided valuable advice on how individuals can achieve happiness in their own lives. The advice he gives in The Templeton Plan: 21 Steps to Personal Success and Real Happiness, describes Templeton’s philosophy on how to achieve success and happiness.

In the coming months, we hope to pair financial news with Templeton’s steps and explore how we can grapple with these crippling economic times and become more successful as individuals. This new, recurring series will highlight some of Templeton’s most keen insight.

Some of the steps we hope to discuss in detail include:

  • Using What You Have 
  • Helping Yourself by Helping Others
  • Achieving Happiness by What You Do
  • Finding the Positive in Every Negative
  • Investing Yourself in Your Work
  • Creating Your Own Luck
  • Making Time Your Servant
  • Conserving Your Resources to Best Advantage
  • Progressing Onwards and Upwards
  • Controlling Your Thoughts for Effective Action
  • Giving as a Way of Life
  • Winning Through Humility
  • Discovering New Frontiers
  • Seeking Solutions